The Ultra-Low Temperature Recorder designed to ensure the integrity of your temperature sensitive products transported in dry-ice.

Advantages of tempmate.®-C1


Your tempmate.®-C1 can record temperatures as low as -90°C and thus even provide a reliable overview of your dry ice transports. For this purpose, the entire device is developed in such a way that every single component, be it the electronics or the housing, can with stand extreme temperatures from -90°C to +70°C without any problems.


One push of a button and off you go. You will receive your tempmate.®-C1 pre-configured and ready for immediate use. The simple system, consisting of only 2 buttons, allows you to operate the device completely. Your tempmate.®-C1 does not require any accessories and can therefore be used anywhere and at any time. All you need is a PC with a USB connection to read out the data, PDF and CSV reports are generated automatically.


Tailoring a logger to your needs is child‘s play with the tempmate.®-C1. The free tempbase-Cryo software guides you through a simple configuration menu to your perfect data logger. The device‘s validation certificate can be found directly on the device‘s memory, so you can‘t lose it. The generous LCD gives you insight into the current status of your monitoring at any time.



Up to 6 alarm limit values adapted to your goods offer you the possibility to react early to deviations of your temperature ranges. Different alarm modes support you in adjusting the alarm settings of your tempmate.®-C1 to the highest security during the monitoring. In addition, the adjustable password protection gives you the security that nobody but you can access your important data.


The robust housing of your tempmate.®-C1 protects your important data not only from extreme temperatures, but also from shocks and other external forces. Thanks to the removable protective cap of the USB port, it remains accessible without compromising the protection of the hardware during use. This also applies to the IP protection class of the device.


The tempmate.®-C1 is fully configurable by the customer, allowing you to tailor it to your exact application. Start and stop modes, log interval and alarms, the device adapts to your needs and requirements. The 24 months shelf-life and up to 90 days active runtime offer you a lot of freedom in scheduling your resources. Are you planning multiple deployments? Within the maximum of 90 days, you can start and stop your tempmate.®-C1 multiple times.

What to do against infinite possible error sources?

Different transport routes, loading, delays, packaging or even human error, the list of possible sources of error in your cryo supply chain seems endless. Fortunately, the tempmate.®-C1 can accompany almost every step of your process. This way you can detect every critical point in your production and supply chain and make optimizations not only to minimise loss of goods but also to keep your quality standards high at all times.


For a process to run smoothly, the correct implementation of a new component is essential. Only then optimizations can take place without creating unnecessary extra work in other places. The tempmate.®-C1 takes most of the work for you with its flexible application options.


The tempmate.®-C1 is ready for use the moment you hold it in your hands. Due to its pre-configuration, you only need to press the green start button to start the device and thus the recording of your data.

But what can you do if the pre-set configuration does not fit your needs? We give you the opportunity to configure your tempmate.®-C1 with the associated tempbase-Cryo software free of charge according to your wishes and specifically to the requirements of your goods.


You can easily access the following information via the generous LCD:


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